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Director's Pre-Show Thoughts

by Keith Dumais

I'm excited about the playwriting festival happening.  When I was a freshman, we had a similar opportunity (it was called the BYOP back then) and one of my pieces got selected.  It was an exciting experience and I felt part of the Lander community.  I want people to have the experience like I did because that helped me become active and involved on this campus which is something I always recommend to the anyone who goes to college.  


The plays that have been submitted each have their unique factor that I am excited to direct.  Most of these are dramas which is a genre that I haven't directed before, but they tackle very important issues in our world such as mental illness and substance abuse. Besides that there is one comedy pieces that I wrote which is a modernization of the Greek tragedy Medea. This piece that was originally written by Euripides is a great revenge piece and also women empowerment.   


Sadly the language written for this piece can be hard to understand, which as an educator it is my job to make it understandable to my audience.  This production - Real Housewife of Athens - is filled drama, witty lines, and filled with laughter, but still an important message: Don't screw over a powerful woman.  Also if anyone is an avid viewer of Will and Grace you might see some familiarity of one of the characters.  


This is a fun opportunity and I hope the Playwriting Festival will continue on to have a legacy at Lander.