Fall 2019

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The Cast of the Second Annual Playwriting Festival 

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The Director/Writer and Cast of Secret Request

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The Writer and Cast of Mason the Frustrated Ghost

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One of the Directors/Writers of Finger Guns and the Cast

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   Writers’ and Directors’ Notes


Secret Request

Written and Directed by André Michelle


“I’ve been a writer since I was ten, but I didn’t write my first script until I was in college.

Since I’ve been teaching at Lander, I’ve taken Scriptwriting class three times with three different professors.  This script started as an exercise in one of those classes. Our instructions were to put two people in a location, let them start talking, and see what happens. I didn’t know what the young man wanted until I reached the place in the script where YOU find out. I hope your reaction is similar to mine.

I couldn’t have asked for a better pair of actors to bring these characters to life.”                                                                   – André Michelle


Mason the Frustrated Ghost

Written by Katie McKee. Directed by Lea Toby


“I thought about writing something, but I wasn’t sure. I bounced around ideas, and my friends thought I should give it a shot. So here we are! I wrote Mason based off of my experiences I had last year in my dorm (Centennial Hall aka Cen10 which is for sure haunted). I now have far too much knowledge about the supernatural and very little to do with it. I really hope you enjoy the play!” – Catie McKee


“From the moment I read the script, I knew I wanted to be a part of Mason. The characters are so lively (ironically) and so much fun to design and play with! Not to mention all of the hard work put in by an amazing cast.  They truly have made a fun and creative story come to life.” – Lea Toby



Finger Guns

Written by Bryce Myers, Audrey Poltorack, and Anyel Pinto. Directed by Bryce Myers


“It’s actually been a really fun experience; the whole cast has been super cooperative and has been more than willing to offer ideas to develop the scene further. I’ve really enjoyed!”

                                                                                               – Bryce Myers



We Say It Best

Written and Directed by André Michelle


“This script also started as an exercise in a Scriptwriting class. We were to create a cast of characters for a weekly sit com and write the two-minute opening scene that would set the stage for the remainder of the thirty-minute show. I wrote much more than two minutes worth of dialog and had to keep paring it down to keep within the two-minute time constraint. I thoroughly enjoyed having this opportunity to flesh out the scene for these characters.

The camaraderie among the cast members during rehearsals really reminded me of the connectedness that often develops among the actors of a long-running TV show. Each of them used aspects of their own personalities to create believable characters. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with them and applaud their hard work and dedication to this project.”

                                                                                         – André Michelle

Cast List:

Secret Request:

Young Man - Bryce Myers

Evelyn - Taylor Baxley

Mason the Frustrated Ghost: 

Hooded Occultist- Chanel Womack

Mason/Spirit - Jackson Wise

Michelle - Audrey Poltorack

Olivia - Megan Higginbotham

Demon - Julia Lopez

Finger Guns

BO’OHBE (Bob) – Jackson Wise

GEOFF (Jeff) – Joey Plyler

NATAH’SHAE’E (Natasha) – Catie McKee

FRANQUE (Frank) – Davey Rivera

HEIGHLEIGH (Hayley) – Bailey Gravely

We Say It Best

Jeeb - Bryce Myers

Harriet - Elizabeth Cooper

Jenn - Kristle Rodgers

Betsy - Anyel Pinto 

Stephanie - Indica Bond

Stella - Kayley Eilenstine

The Director/Writer and Cast of We Say it Best