Fall 2018 Playwriting Festival


The Real Housewife of Athens County

by Keith Dumais

Toni - Megan Higginbotham

Nanny - Lea Toby

Jason - Cameron Alford

Carson - Santos Pagán, Jr

Craig - Jacob Roten

Andy - Davey Rivera

Videographer - Logan Stadterman

Date Night with Depression

by Lea Toby

Gemma - Taylor Baxley

Dee - Morgan Johnston

Trevor - Lucas Darling

Personal Demons

by Jacob Roten

Kyle - Joey Plyer

Jimmy - Oliver Townsend

Stacy/Demon 3 - Karla Coffey

Demon 1 - Kristle Rodgers

Demon 2 - Elizabeth Cooper



by Laura Dennin

Lacey - Megan Higginbotham

Daniel - Liam Roos

Voice of Mom- Morgan "Bailey" Gravely

Voice of Dad - Joey Plyer

Counselor - Logan Stadterman

Brody - Jacob Roten

Party Games

by Keith Dumais

Tina - Kaylean Jordan

Ronnie - Niya Richardson

Brit - Chanel Womack

Dela - Lea Toby

Eli - Absalon Richardson

The Voice - Damion Moragne

Megan Higginbotham
Lacey - "Stagnant, and Toni - "The Real Housewife of Athens Co."
Jacob Roten
Craig - "The Real Housewife of Athens Co." and Brody - "Stagnant"
Lea Toby
Nanny - "The Real Housewife of Athens Co." and Dela - "Party Games"
Cameron Alford
Jason - "The Real Housewife of Athens Co"
Davey Rivera
Andy - "The Real Housewife of Athens Co."
Santos Pagan
Carson - "The Real Housewife of Athens Co."
Logan Stadterman
Videographer - "The Real Housewife of Athens Co" and Addiction Counselor - "Stagnant"
Taylor Baxley
Gemma - "Date Night with Depression"
Morgan Johnston
Dee - "Date Night with Depression"
Lucas Darling
Trevor - "Date Night with Depression"
Joey Plyler
Kyle - "Personal Demons" and The Voice of Dad - "Stagnant"
Oliver Townsend
Jimmy - "Personal Demons"
Elizabeth Cooper
Demon - "Personal Demons"
Kristle Rodgers
Demon - "Personal Demons"
Karla Coffey
Stacey - "Personal Demons"
Liam Roos
Daniel - "Stagnant"
Bailey Gravely
Voice of Mom - "Stagnant"
Kaylean Jordan
Tina - "Party Games"
Damion Moragne
The Voice - "Party Games"
Absalon Richardson
Eli - "Party Games"
Niya Richardson
Ronnie - "Party Games"
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