Past Workshops

Sewing Workshop
Hannah Leister, Laura Dennin, Joey Plyler, Keith Dumais, Chaz Giles, Lauren Strickland, and Taylor Baxley pose after a sewing workshop led by Myra Greene.
Costume Design
LP members work hard at a Sewing and Costume Design Workshop.
Set Building
Keith Dumais and Taylor Baxley work on set construction.
Set Design
Chelsie Hanna, Taylor Baxley, Sabrina Cook, and Keith Dumais assist with set design.
Make Up Workshop
Joey Plyler, Liz Aydlette, Keith Dumais, Sabrina Cook, Chaz Giles, Hannah Gallant, Taylor Baxley, and Laura Dennin after a stage make-up workshop led by Tessa Moody.
Directing Workshop
Myra Greene leads a Directing Workshop for LP Members
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